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August 19-21, 2014
ICSEng 2014
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Conference Updates
August 19, 2014 Conference Proceedings are available.
The conference proceedings are available online at the Springer's website
August 15, 2014 Parking info
You are allowed to park in any spot marked 'Student'. Do not park in any spots marked with other label.
June 21, 2014 Conference program is available.
Check out the detailed conference program
May 24, 2014 - Hotel info is available.
Special hotel offers for the ICSEng participants are now available: see the prices, locations, and booking info: ICSEng hotels
May 12, 2014 - Information about keynotes is available.
This year the following speakers will give the keynote address: Shahram Latifi, Lech Jóźwiak, and Jason Mendenhall.
May 1, 2014 - Final Accepted Paper submission guideline is available.
Final Accepted Paper submission guideline is available. Final Acepted Papers should be uploaded here by May 27, 2014.
May 1, 2014 - Online Registration is Available
At least one author of accepted paper should be registered on or before May 21, 2014. Other conference participants are encouraged to register as well.
March 20, 2014 - Paper submission due date extended by April 10, 2014
Many authors have requested an extension for the paper submission due date. The extended due date is April 10, 2014.
November 11, 2013 - Templates for ICSEng 2014 papers: Word and LaTex.
Templates for ICSEng 2014 papers are available in Word and LaTex formats.
August 24, 2013 - Call for Papers
We invite you to submit a paper for the purpose of reviewing by March 21, 2014. Accepted authors will be invited to submit a final paper.

Previous ICSEng Conferences

This series of International Conferences is jointly organized on a rotational basis among three institutions:

All previous conferences

2013: 18th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland (Proceedings)
2012: 22nd ICSE, Coventry, UK
2011: 21st ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Proceedings, WWW)
2010: 17th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
2009: 20th ICSE, Coventry, UK
2008: 19th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Proceedings)
2007: 16th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
2006: 18th ICSE, Coventry, UK
2005: 17th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Proceedings)
2004: 15th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
2003: 16th ICSE, Coventry, UK
2002: 15th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2000: 14th ICSE, Coventry, UK
2001: 14th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1999: 13th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1998: 13th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1997: 12th ICSE, Coventry, UK
1996: 11th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1995: 12th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1994: 10th ICSE, Coventry, UK
1993: 9th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1992: 11th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1991: 8th ICSE, Coventry, UK
1990: 7th ICSEng, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1989: 10th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1988: 6th ICSE, Coventry, UK
1987: 5th ICSEng, Fairborn, Ohio, USA
1986: 9th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1985: 4th ICSE, Coventry, UK
1984: 3rd ICSEng, Dayton, Ohio, USA
1983: 8th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1982: 2nd ICSE, Coventry, England
1981: 7th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1980: 1st ICSE, Coventry, UK
1979: 6th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1978: 5th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1977: 4th ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1976: 3rd ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1975: 2nd ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland
1974: 1st ICSS, Wroclaw, Poland